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I started with constant palpitations all day after a small pain of the lower back left side and left knee and today I started with a little numbness in the leg.

Fecha: 22/10/2018
Especialidad: General medicine
Nickname: fichisloredo País: Mexico

  Dr(a) Leila Freites
Fichisloredo my regards; The symptomatology that you refer is a disorder of probable nervous origin that is related to an irritation. A treatment with B complex for 20 days...

Hello, I have chills, fever, headache and the body fades. Suddenly when I was resting, after lunch I felt my body freezing, followed by a strong headache …

Fecha: 23/02/2018
Especialidad: General medicine
Nickname: Klercs País: Perú

  Dr(a) Tania Milagros Salavarria Perez
My kind regards Kler, for the symptoms that we report we are facing a possible viral picture. When this happens it is advisable to take antipyretics. In this case I recommend you

Good morning, a month and a half ago I did an analysis to check the thyroid since I have had the highest TSH for two years now, I have been raising the Eutirox 50 pill …

Fecha: 25/02/2018
Especialidad: General medicine
Nickname: Marta País: España

  Dr(a) Cyndi Maritza Gaitan Castellanos
Good morning Martha, first I want to congratulate you for your willingness and discipline to improve your eating habits however it is important that all food groups are important...

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